A new orchestra for SE London

I’m thrilled to be part of a brand new project to launch an orchestra in a ‘pocket’ of SE London which is currently not served by anyone.

This yet-unnamed orchestra will launch in April 2012, with the intention of serving musicians and communities in and around the areas of Beckenham, Bellingham, Catford, Crystal Palace, Elmers End, Forest Hill, Norwood, Penge and Sydenham.

We are actively looking to recruit the first members!

Are you interested? The orchestra will first get together for a repertoire day that will end with an informal ‘open rehearsal’/play-through. This will be at a venue in or around Beckenham, in mid-April 2012. There will be some great music, combined with lunch together and the all-important social at the end of the day!

Interested? So what do you need to do now?

  1. The first thing to do is simply to send us an email (seorchestra@gmail.com) to register your interest – tell us what instrument(s) you play, and anything else relevant, e.g. your experience, why you’re interested etc. As soon as we have fixed the date, venue and schedule, we’ll get back to you with confirmation. But we do need you to get in touch with us soon, because we won’t be able to go ahead if we don’t hear from enough people.
  2. Please also help us to spread the word about the new orchestra with any/all players in your contacts book – send them the link to this page. Word of mouth is so important – and even if it’s not for someone in particular, if you ask them to send it on to their contacts too, then the word gets around even more. Thank you!

If you can help publicise the website – on Facebook, Twitter, emailing friends – then please do so.

I will let you know how we get on!


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