The most fun you can have with a database

OK, so Fabio Capello’s resignation has just been announced, so I won’t be making the headlines with my own particular exciting times, but there’s lots going on right now, and – given my prowess on Football Manager (“the most fun you can have with a database”) – I’m sure that my to-do list will shortly include “call the FA back about the job”.

In the real world, the new SE London orchestra with which I’m involved in founding is well and truly off the ground. It’s worrying/exciting/nerve-wracking, all at the same time – will anyone actually be interested in joining (other than dozens of flautists and clarinetists), will we be pissing off other groups, will we ever agree on when to hold rehearsals? Tricky.

We’re delighted, however, that things are off to a flying start with more people than we dared dream contacting us within the first two weeks. And plenty of them have strings on their instruments.

And, in other news, I am actually playing the trombone this week! Take cover. It’s a pleasure to be in the orchestra for the world premiere performances of Thelma by Samuel Coleridge-Taylor – his ‘lost’ opera, being produced by Surrey Opera at the Fairfield Halls in Croydon. You can read Tom Service’s piece on the Guardian website for more info – he was at the dress rehearsal on Monday. The premiere is Thursday 9 February, with further performances on Friday and Saturday.

And it’s back to the wonderful City of London Symphonic Winds on Sunday, preparing for our 26 February concert. I know I pick the programmes, but why oh why did I think that Charles Ives would be fun? (OK, it will be fun, I know, but tricky for me!) Maybe less time on Football Manager, more with the score…


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