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Fair play to the Portas Pilot scheme, or whatever it is called. Our local area – Sydenham, Kirkdale and Forest Hill – is one of the pilot areas and today was the kickoff for SEE3, the brand name down our way.

The new pop-up shops are all well and good, and the retro/trash market was fun too, but the real thing about it was how the existing shops seemed to benefit. One we went to – for the first time, of course – said they’d not known a Saturday like it.

We certainly did our bit for the local economy today. Now off to hear a fantastic concert on a pair of comps.


Two years and counting

Today is the second anniversary of our moving to our house – one of the best decisions we ever made. After seeing the house we made the decision very quickly to make our offer, but I don’t think I envisaged how it would become our home so quickly.

So, in celebration of this Paper Anniversary, I write a blog post…